Monday, February 8, 2010

The Show Begins

Some may ask "Mr. Black, just what has compelled you to start a blog?", and to them I write this: You will be the first hunted down when I come to power.

To the rest of you, the merry internet crowd that have decided to visit this page, I give a greetings! Why should you care, you ask? Ah, that is a reasonable question! This is why you are still around as opposed to the foolish ones who asked the above one!


For those who do not know me, and that appears to be many indeed, I am Mr. Black. Is that my actual name? Well no, that would actually be "Mister Black", but in this internet age of short-type, "lol"s, and "ROTFLBTCDICAJTTWADBSIHPWTRHITSBKABAYB"s I have chosen to shorten it for the sake of being trendy.

And yes, I know that name is so very very... very common out here in cyberspace, but I did not choose it, it chose me, so unlike those who wish to "give breath to the world-eating darkness that crawls from my blackened heart of blackened tears!" I take more pride, more seriousness, into my name.

So then, what's in a name? Well, nothing really, actions dictate labels and so what is my label?

Well, one can name themselves however they wish (Such as my good friend Chad Sexington proved when he turned eighteen), but one cannot choose their own label!

That being said, I leave it to you to decide what you will about me... Not that it will matter much to me, and please, I mean no disrespect, but this is a dwelling of my own mind and thus it carries dominion here!

So, continue on, if you wish, and let's see where the dark, unknowing path may lead...

... ... Ah hell, the lightning sound effect doesn't carry on well to writing...

... ....

... Ah hell, you're still reading... Wait, why am I still typing?


-Mr Black

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