Sunday, November 21, 2010

More Angels Sanguine

Our clawless Terminator friend had an unfortunate accident when I let someone with two-left-hands try to pic him up...Sigh... More to be fixed...

Thursday, November 18, 2010

3rd Annual Gigabites Win-An-Army 40K Event

1850 pts, Win-An-Army Tournament, with your host, Mr. Black!

East Lake Shopping Center
2145 Roswell Road
Marietta, GA 30062
(770) 578-1497

December 12th, 2010,  10:00 AM


Da Rulz
This rules packet contains all the information needed to participate in the rough and tumble Win-An-Army.

*Note about Judges: All participants be advised: all judges rulings are final.This applies to rulings during games as well as all
matters of health and safety.
We're out to win and kick ass! At its heart though, the tournament is about having fun. So don’t be a git! In other words do
your best to win, but win nicely. Anyone not adhering to these principles may be asked to leave the tournament without refund.

Entry Fee
•$25.00, there will be no club or store discounts for entry to this event. You're playing to win an army, this stuff costs money.

What to Bring
• Your Army
• At least four (4) copies of you army list
• Rulebooks and any other books you need
• Pen and paper
• Dice and templates
• Tape measure
• Super glue (accidents will happen!)

What is Allowed
• Codex Chaos Daemons
• Codex Chaos Space Marines
• Codex Dark Eldar 2010
• Codex Eldar
• Codex Daemonhunters
• Codex Witchhunters
--Inquisitorial armies may take Imperial Guard and Space Marine allies, chosen from the latest versions of their codices. As both of these codices have changed recently, use the following amendments to the list on pg 30-31 of the Daemon Hunters book and page 26 of the Witch Hunters book:

Space Marine Tactical Squad, Space Marine Scout
Squad, Imperial Guad Infantry Platoon, Imperial
Guard Veteran Squad. Unit upgrade characters
may NOT be taken (i.e. Commander Chenkov,
Sergeant Bastonne)

Fast Attack
Space Marine Assault Squad, Land Speeder
Squadron, Space Marine Bike Squadron, Scout
Sentinel Squadron, Armored Sentinel Squadron,
Rough Rider Squad, Scout Bike Squad

Heavy Support
Space Marine Devastator Squad, Space Marine
Land Raider (Crusader and Redeemer as well),
Space Marine Dreadnought, Space Marine
Predator, 0-1 Leman Russ Squadron (Pask may NOT
be taken)

• Codex Imperial Guard 2009
• Codex Necrons
• Codex Orks
Space Marines
• Codex Space Marines 5th edition
• Codex Dark Angels
• Codex Space Wolves
• Codex Black Templars
• Space Marine may take Inquisitorial Allies as defined
in Codex Daemonhunters or Codex Witchhunters
• Blood Angels
• Codex Tau Empire
• Codex Tyranids

Army Selection
No more than 1850 points may be used in the selection of an army. Only the main army lists may be used for the army in
question. No appendix lists are permitted. Special Characters are permitted, subject to the normal restrictions for that character in the Codex. Only armies listed in the Approved Army Lists section may be taken. Any armor, weapons and upgrades must be modeled
on the miniatures (WYSIWYG). Models should start the tournaments fully assembled. Models breaking are a part of the game, but models that are not fully assembled at the beginning of the tournament should not be used. Forge World models are permitted in the tournament but they can only be used to represent models from existing Codex list. No Forge World rules are allowed.

The tournament will consist of three games of Warhammer 40,000 for each player. The 5th Edition Rulebook will be in use for all games and will be the definitive guide for all rules. The time limit for each game is 2 1/2 hours (150 minutes). At the end of this
time limit, time will be called and all games must be finished immediately. No additional time will be provided. Note: do not begin a round unless there is ample time for both players to receive their turn! In each game, players will play a scenario. Each scenario will have a list of special rules and other information. Players will be informed at the beginning of each round as to what scenario will be used.

There are a possible 72 points that you can earn per tournament. Base battle points should be determined
by the chart below:

Major Victory--17--3
Minor Victory--13--7

Parameters to determine the base battle points will be explicit in each scenario. In addition, each scenario will have up to four (4)
additional battle points possible. These will be listed in order from easiest to hardest to achieve. Pay strict attention to the scenarios. You don’t want to be the guy who demolishes his opponent and fails to gain any objectives!

The Loot
The winner of the event will receive one token redeemable for all their wildest dreams- As long as those dreams revolve around an 1850 pt. army* of their choosing.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Some Angels Sanguine Updates

Here is a quick W.I.P of some converted Space Hulk Terminators, now with helmets and Lightning Claws:

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Needed: Limited Edition Lord Chompy Bits

Can't find the guy...

Hello loyal viewers! Hate posting something like this on the blog but literally running out of areas to check. I have a friend who is desperately trying to find a Gencon Limited Edition Lord Chompy Bits for his son's birthday at the end of the month. We've checked ebay, bartertown, any a few other websites but just can't find the model. If you have one or know someone who would be interested in trading or selling it please let me know!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Teaching 40K: Into the Fire

Entering 40K can be a bit overwhelming, so here is a little tutorial to get things rolling.

Mr. Black here, and over the years I've taught many a newcomer the game of 40K, and over that time I've developed a little scenario I use most every time just to show someone the basics of the game.

The overall point is to accomplish the following:

1. Show them a snippet of how the game is played.
2. Introduce them to a variety of units and how they interact.
3. Prove just how cool these little plastic army men are.

Given that, I've created this little mini-scenario to ease someone into the basics of 40K, similar in design to the old Battle For Macragge and Assault on Black Reach! starter rules, except I've thrown in a bit of a narrative to spice things up a bit. Of course this isn't a stone-set scenario, as we all know things don't always go to plan, but if the events happen to take a left turn from the initial plan just roll with it!

For the Purposes of the following scenarios I usually use half a standard  table (36 x24).

Part I: Isolation

"The Forces of Chaos have launched a sudden assault on the sector, under your control are the last remaining members of Tactical Squad Invictus. Survivors of the initial battle they have fallen back to a safer position to await reinforcements, but the legion of the Chaos Gods is not far behind...

Set Up
*3 Tactical Marines (Blue)   
*Sergeant with Power Fist
*Tactical Marine with Plasmagun

*5 Chaos Marines (Red)

The Space Marines will be held up on the hill (brown), sparse forests dot the landscape (light green), allowing the Chaos Marines some avenue of cover as they advance from the devastating effects of the Plasmagun.

This initial scenario should be used to demonstrate how basic movement and shooting works, as well as basic mechanics of armor saves (or in the case of the Plasmagun, lack there-of). Usually I ignore the Get's Hot! rule for this, as having the weapon blow up on the first shot is not cinematic when its in the hero's hands. We're also trying to minimize the lesser rules since, again, this is an introduction.

The Chaos Marines should move forward and then run in the shooting phase, all in an attempt to get into melee with the last remaining Space Marines, who in turn will be mowing them down with gunfire. This is to be expected, and is the actual point of the scenario: let the new player feel the power of Space Marine weaponry, being sure to explain how Rapid-Fire weapons work and reminding them should the Chaos Marines draw close enough. Should the Chaos Marines actually get into melee, then so be it- Show them how close-quarters-killin' works!

Part II: Reinforcements

Tactical Squad Invictus has managed to quell the scouting Chaos Marine party, but it seems far worse threats have moved over the horizon; the legion moves closer, more heretical followers of the Chaos Gods march forth, bringing with them their machines of war 

Set Up
*3 Tactical Marines (Blue)   
*Sergeant with Power Fist
*Tactical Marine with Plasmagun
*7 Assault Marines (Gray)
*1 Assault Marines with Flamer
*1 Assault Marine with Meltagun
*1 Assault Sergeant with Power Fist

*2 Chaos Rhinos w/ 5 Chaos Marines Each (Red)

The Rhinos will move up turn one, giving the Space Marine player a demonstration in vehicle movement speed as well as how different Strength weapons interact with Vehicle Armor (aka the Bolter doing exactly nothing and the Plasmagun having a decent chance to do something). Should the player Wreck or Immobilize a Rhino all the better! Again, the initial turn should show how well protected the troops inside actually are compared to their now-dead comrades before them. If you're like me, also talk about how dangerous the Chaos Marines inside are, and instill a sense of dread over the player not being able to stop the full tide as it sweeps forth. Making sure they do not arrive is necessary for survival!

Turn 2
"The thundering sound of jets echo through the air as the marines of Assault Squad Calidus arrive to reinforce their brethren! Combining speed with the devastating close-combat prowess only the Assault Company can bring they move to intercept the oncoming Chaos hordes! 

Now the Space Marine player has the chance to launch the offensive and really have some combat fun! This also does a good job of introducing Jump Infantry and how they work to the player, and with their sheer number the player should get a sense that the role has switched from offense to defense. Sure, they still have to deal with the Rhinos, but now that they have a Meltagun this should prove little issue, plus it allows them to see the penetrating power of the weapon itself while still being able to assault the units inside. They should lose some casualties in melee, but other all it should be an easy win for the marine player.

Part II: Resurgence
"As both armies march to the fight Tactical Squad Invictus and Assault Squad Calidus man the front lines, but Chaos cannot be stopped so easily, and now the main bulk of the Chaos incursion move to destroy them... But the Imperium is far from defenseless..."

Tactical Squad Invictus has been reinforced and is now brought up to a full ten marines strong, and any casualties that befell either squad have now been restored.

Set Up
*10 Tactical Marines, Plasmagun, Lascannon, Sergeant with Power Fist (Blue)   
*10 Assault Marines, Flamer, Meltagun, Sergeant with Power Fist (Gray) *Deadnought with Assault Cannon and DDCCW (Blue Circle)

*10 Chaos Marines with Plasmagun in Rhino (Red Box)
*5 Chaos Terminators with Power Weapons (Purple)
*Defiler with Dual DDCCW (Red Circle)

The Defiler is a big and scary model in it's own right and this should be expressed to the Space Marine player, if not already apparent... Don't worry too much, one shot from the Battle Cannon and they will see the immediacy of it's threat. Luckily they have acquired the use of the Lascannon and can use that to their advantage, also taking into account the Plasmagun as well as the Meltagun from the Assault Squad. Here you give the player a taste of target priority- What do they shoot at? The oncoming Chaos Marines or the large and deadly daemon vehicle coming at them? Overall the threat isn't as scary as it could be and it introduces Cover Saves into the game, as well as how walkers function.

Turn 2
"Gun fire heralds the arrival of further reinforcements, this time the aid coming in the form of Brother Galius, who's shattered body is now protected within the steel frame of a mighty Dreadnought.

Really the overall threat to the Space Marines is low, they have massive amounts of fire-power at their disposal to take down both the Defiler and the ten Chaos Marines, just be sure to take it a bit easy as, again, this is a learning game, it's supposed to heavily favor the new guy while still giving him a challenge. By this point the Assault Marines may even have killed the Chaos Marines, if not then take a turn or two more to fight it out, until the Chaos Marine forces begin to dwindle a bit.

Turn 3 (or later)
"The battle seems to be turning in your favor: The Traitor Legion's number dwindle and your blows reign heavy upon them... But the tide of battle can turn swiftly, and with a raging howl the very fabric of reality tears open as Chaos Terminators teleport onto the battlefield, their ancient armor decorated with the skull of past victims.

The Chaos Terminators pose a serious threat to the troops of the Space Marine player and by this far in the demonstration they should have a good grasp over each units capabilities and strengths. That being said don't feel bad about decimating a squad with the Terminators just to show how dangerous they really are! This is the last leg of the tutorial, the "boss fight" if you will! Make it challenging, make them worry about their odds against such a powerful foe (and keep in mind to yourself that the Dreadnought can wreck them completely... So don't Deep Strike them too close).

In the end the Space Marines should emerge triumphant, as the old edict goes when teaching someone a new game system "Let the newbie win!" You don't want their first experience to be a crushing defeat- You want it to be a glorious victory in the name of the Imperium! You want them revved up at how their band of little plastic army men totally annihilated your band of little army men (of course it close! In true Space Marine faction they snatched victory from the jaws of defeat!).

The final scenario was close to 500 pts. on each side and over the course of all the games they learned the basics of vehicle and squad movement, as well as shooting and assault rules. Hopefully from there they can choose exactly which aspect they liked best for when they make their army- presuming they decided they liked the game in the end. But really, after such a climactic battle of sheer awesome, who could say no? And that's the point in the end isn't it? Pull them in and make them want more!

~Just remember that the initial delve into the game will leave a lasting impression on players! You want them to think this is the coolest thing since the invention of the Chainsword, so talk it up, make it bigger than life, and most of all remember: FOR CHAPTER AND EMPEROR!  So how do you like my scenario, and how do you bring newcomers into our glorious hobby?