Saturday, July 31, 2010

Angels Sanguine Updates!

Just some quick updates to the Angels Sanguine forces, including Sergeant Raziel and Librarian Vorador.

If anyone can guess the common thread between the names and the ones to come, prize for you.

Monday, July 26, 2010

How to Make a Inexpensive Light Box

Found this great tutorial on how to make a light box, perfect for any photography (but we all know it's for miniatures).

Will be making one this weekend for use with the blog... Which is actually a reason I have been so inactive lately, my standard camera died and I have yet to find a suitable replacement. In the meantime all I've had is my Smartphone's camera which, while nice, has no flash, thus I can never get the right amount of detail. But the camera and lighting situation will soon be fixed, and it's another project to look forward to.

Anyway, here is a direct link to the tutorial for making your own light box for around $15.00

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Been A While

Things have been rather insane here in my dark little world. The last month saw a rather large share of unfortunate events which kept me from posting here, but it also had a fair mix of good things.

8th Edition Fantasy is here and I'm looking to fix up my Cult of Khaine and Slaanesh WoC Forces, so look for updates on them coming up, as well as Tyranid and Angels Sanguine updates as well.

On another note, I believe I'm going to expand the blog to also speak of other gaming matters. I delve into a good amount of RPGs as well as other miniature games, and it seems rather silly to not at least mention them in some degree. That being said, in the upcoming days/weeks I'll post up some information/first hand reviews of such things like the Savage Worlds: Realms of Cthulhu game as well as the upcoming Dresden Files RPG.

Lots of ideas in store, so stay tuned!