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eBay Time Kids! Skaven Hellpit Abomination.

Ebay Link!

Decided to get going on the Christmas savings early this year. More to come in the next few days.

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Angels Sanguine Updates

Some pictures of the Sanguinary Guard and one Death Company. Felt like painting a mixture this weekend... Also finished a Sternguard Squad I don't believe I'll actually use... Shame...

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Duke is Dead.

I... I can't really even function right now... He was one of the Saints to me... And he's Dead...

This... It's just awful. There aren't any words to fully catch it all...

I'm sorry... I'm just... This is an emotional time for me right now and... And I don't know if I'm going to be alright.

So... *sniff* I just... I just wanted to get the word out, so that everyone would know... This is a sad day for Mr. Black, dear readers.

The Duke is dead.

Those bastards killed him.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Deathjack Conversion/Fix-Up

Basically I got a Deathjack in a recent trade, was a bit of a throw-in as the owner-before-the-last-owner had covered the thing in some heavy duty glue, ruining a huge amount of detail and maiming the torso/leg area with drilling and other such things. Initially I was going to use the guy for parts but I decided, in these times of economical hardship, to try and fix the poor lil' guy up.

Here are some pictures of the W.I.P.

The hand holding the "soul sucked Cygnar" will be repositioned once I finish making a Green Stuff soul to come out to a more "up close and personal" position, rather than off to the side.

Likewise to note, all the bare-metal pieces are ones I had to bit order due to the originals just being unusable. The back also needs a bit more chain, as does the waist, to cover up the glue and pin-vice markings. Those will come next...

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Cryx: Gerlak Slaughterborn


Cryx: Malice Conversion

Simple little job today. Just a quick joint pin (spread the legs, heh heh heh) and a bit of repositioning. Not a fan of the static jack pose and the new Plastic Kits allow for some variety if you have the will to do it. Will paint him up... Well... Sometime, working more on the infantry before I tackle the jacks.

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Imperius Dominus: Love/Hate Relationship- Spreading the Message

Games Workshop: A Love/Hate Relationship

Have you ever known someone that you both loved and hated at the same time? Someone that at times would do everything right and made you love them even more, and at others seemed to go out of their way to get you to loathe them?

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Deadlands: Doomtown RPG, Session I

Session One: Character Creation

Alright, as I promised the site is going to cover a broader section than just tabletop wargames, to carry through on that promise I'll be giving a weekly summery of our Deadlands: Doomtown RPG game here.

For those who don't know, Deadlands is basically an RPG setting taking place back in the "Gold Rush" days of the 1800s. I couldn't do it justice just giving it a brief summery so here is a wikipedia link: Deadlands

We're basing it off the Deadlands: Doomtown of Bust! setting, which in turn is based off the Doomtown Card Game, which I am a fanatical collector of.

To complicate things a bit further, we're actually using the FATE System for our game, not the one in the standard book. For those who don't know what any of that means, don't worry, it won't effect you. Basically it's just the game system we're using. I won't be bringing it up much for the summaries so don't sweat it.

Anyway... For Session I we worked on creating our characters, which, in order to link everyone together, will be members of The Agency, which is basically the Men in Black for the United States... Pretty much they're the ones in charge of dealing with any supernatural threats to the populous. The group has been assigned to the boomtown of Gomorra because of some strange goings-on that has raised interest.

And thus we have the characters:

Desmond Quinton
Desmond is the group "Mad Scientist" and as such is responsible for creating the Weapons... the group has access to. Knowing the player, I expect some shenanigans to take place, as he has pretty much no comprehension of the word "overkill". Basically this guy will be acting as the "Q" to the rest of the groups' "James Bond".

Boom Boom O'Bannon
The demolitions expert of the group. The player made him with the idea of being a heavy explosives expert... Not quite sure what to expect here, aside from the answer to a lot of things being "let's just blow it up". Will have to keep an eye on this character from a GM standpoint as building blowing up can has serious ramifications and the group is supposed to keep their heads down. Who knows what will happen.

(Name Pending)

Here we have the group sniper... And also the carrier of the worst luck of most anyone in the group. Playing a veteran of The Agency the character had his nose, ears, and tongue cut off during capture and torture by the Confederates, escaping with the help of his partner... and then summarily shooting him for giving secrets away, escape be damned. To add further issue, when he asked for government assistance for the damage he was screwed over by the wife of his former partner, aka the lady also in charge of his claim... Who issued him a deaf seeing eye dog responsible for leading it's former master right into the way of a moving carriage. Basically here we have a person with a seething hatred for the South, silent to the point of mute, and deadly with a rifle.

Lux... I forget the last name...
The resident Huckster/Cardsharp of the group, though even he is not quite sure how his powers work, only that he can subtly manipulate odds and fate around him. Not the most powerful member, he will mainly be playing the role of cataloger for the experiences with the supernatural the group has and acting as a standing support character for the better fighters.

Gordo Sanchez
As constantly described buy the player as a "fat latino" gunslinger Gordo is the group's gunman, and he is a damn good one... He had better be, as The Agency isn't in the habit of hiring out-of-shape borderline-racist who still hold strong ties to their original country. Despite all that though Gordo is full on par for the cause and has a "shoot first, shoot later, then when everybody's dead try to ask some questions" method of fighting. He was brought here for his skill and ability to keep everyone else alive rather than his knowledge of the supernatural. 

And that is the group we have going. First actual session is next Tuesday, hopefully things will go smoothly and the group will avoid blowing up most of the town on their first day.

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Tournament Report: Gigabites 40K Team Tournament

Eldar and Dark Eldar shenanigans.

So my Dirty Eldar buddy George and myself teamed up to take on the latest challengers at a 1000 pt-per-player Team Event this weekend. How did it go? Well, we won... Again... Eldar Walkers are a pain for people who don't know how to deal with them... But we'll get to that. First, the lists:

The format was a Split Force Org Chart, 1 HQ 1 Elite 1-3 Troop 1 Fast 1 Heavy per side, with the remaining 1 in each slot acting as a "floater" between the armies (example: I have 1 elite, partner has 2, I have 2 heavies, partner has 1).

Mr. Black's Kabal of the Slashed Eye

The Baron

Kalabite Trueborn (x7) (2x Splinter Cannon, 5x Shardcarbines, Raider w/ Flickerfield)

Wyches (x7, Hekatrix w/ Agonizer, Raider w/ Flickerfield)
Wyches (x7, Hekatrix w/ Agonizer, Raider w/ Flickerfield)
Hellions (x14, Helliarch w/ Agonizer)



George's Cinco-de-Kickass Eldar


Fire Dragon Squad (x5, Wave Serpent w/ Spirit Stones and TL Shuriken Cannon)
Fire Dragon Squad (x5, Wave Serpent w/ TL Shuriken Cannon)

Dire Avengers (x5)

War Walker Squad (x3, Scatter Lasers x2)
War Walker Squad (x3, Scatter Lasers x2)


First Round: Blood Angels+Black Templar

Memorable Moments:
-First Turn: Emperor's Champion unit failing moral test from casualties and running off the table... Ouch...
-Wyches engaging Black Templar "Tactical" Squad, combat ends in stalemate... Next round a Marshal and reinforcements arrive and charge Wyches, who promptly died under the weight of fire.
-Blood Angels heroically landing just where they needed to... in the exact middle of two squads of Wyches and a Raider.

Issue I think the Opponent's Had: Bad Luck did not help them here, at all, and losing that Emperor's Champion unit first turn was a bad blow. Otherwise I believe the lack of Vehicles on their end may have played a part in their downfall. With the Blood Angels it was understandable, but the Templars were a full foot-slogging force, and in the end War Walkers plus the general speed of our two armies would have caused them great pains.

Round 2: Flesh Tearers and Eldar

Memorable Moments:
-Flesh Tearers Rhino going Flat Out, rolling a 1 on Dangerous Terrain and everyone promptly coming down with a bad case of death.
-My "Oh Hell..." moment in realizing that the Eldar entire strategy was Tank Shocking my units with Flat Out moves and Star Engines.
-The general balls-out insanity of the Eldar player, who simply wanted to cause as much chaos as he could.

Issue I think the Opponent's Had: The scenario we were playing pitted Attacker against Defender, and our army functioned much better on the Defense. Once again we wont this roll (thanks Baron!) so we set up around our base to War Walker the hell out of anything coming close. Basically this was a game of hold back and shoot them as they came... Until the Eldar appeared in the dead center of our lines from Star Engines... Then it became a game of KILL THE ELDAR! Luckily we held back the Assault Marines, who I don't think actually ever saw combat... The main issues I see here was the scenario was against them, the bad rolls on Dangerous for the Flesh Tearers player hurt, and unfortunately the Eldar player didnt have much going for him aside from his Tank Shock strategy.

Here I think it was an issue of list building, but given that the two didn't know they would be entering till the night before, it's alight. I will speak more on this later.

Round 3: Orks and Dark Eldar

I was worried moving into this fight... Two Battlewagons, Kustom ForceField, Nobz... All backed up by four raiders with Kalabite Warriors and Haemonculi... Dawn of War, we went first, they deployed nothing. Not looking good. They moved on, got some shots off, their Voidraven shooting it's full loadout at my Hellions, forcing them to go to ground for a 2+ cover save. Luckily we made it through without many casualties... Then Lady Luck came up and kicked the orks square in the beanbag.

First thing first, gun down those Lootas. If there is one thing we've learned from all our Team Tournaments it's that WE HATE LOOTAS!  Moving on!

Battlewagon opened up by Fire Dragons, Nobz hit and three killed by mass Dark Lance shots... We remember he needs to roll for pinning check. Fail. Bosspole. Fail. Ok... 25% casualties, roll. Fail. Bosspole... Fail... Runs eight inches back off the table edge.

At this point the enemies moral was destroyed, and their main offensive force crippled. Yes, he had twenty Ork Boys as well, but he went on to Tank Shock the Fire Dragons in an attempt to nail them and the Wave Serpent Behind them... DEATH OR GLORY! Boom! Battle Wagon gone with only two casualties from the Deathrolla!

And I could go on, but really, as I said it just goes downhill... Lady Luck was on our side this day, and she cursed the Orks and Dark Eldar we were playing against, pure and simple. Great guys, great players, but nothing went in their favor during our game.

And so the day ended, three games, three Massacres, max bonus points. I really cannot stress enough how much luck favored us today...

...You know, I used to listen to the Dos Equix man when he said "Never trust a woman who is only around when you are winning" but... Hell, I think she has a crush on me...

Mr. Black, out.

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Morghoul's "Zoo of Pain" List Discussion

Let's pack the car and take the kid's to the Zoo of Unrelenting Pain and Horror!

Mr. Black here, dear readers, and first I'd like to say this entire list is stolen from another source.

Well, "stolen" is a harsh word. I absolutely want to give credit for this list to it' creator, since they basically made the list I wanted to play when I picked up Skorne as a supplemental army to my Cryx. I found this list from a link from a link from a link taking me in loops around the Privateer Press forums, and since then am just unable to locate the original post, poster, or anything linking me to such. Given that, if this list looks familiar to anyone, and I'm sure it will, please point me in the right direction so that due credit can be given!

That being said, let's look at the actual list:

**We're going big this week with 50 points, as it displays the lists best efficiency level!

Morghoul's Zoo of Pain

Master Tormentor Morghoul

Basalisk Drake
Basalisk Krea
Cyclops Brute
Cyclops Savage
Cyclops Shaman
Razor Worm

Molik Karn
Titan Gladitor 

Paingiver Beast Handlers (Min)
Paingiver Beast Handlers (Min)

50(+7) / 50(+7) 

So if you haven't gathered you're running quite a few beasts. Now, the obvious question is simply can you manage that much fury?! Well that would be the purpose of both Morghoul and the Beast Handlers themselves, pulling fury off once the beast has done it's damage. Of course this won't handle everything on those crunch-turns, so playing the odds with Frenzy roles (or just plain not caring in some cases) are essential to make this list work. It's a blast to play and a great change for someone like me who's other army is massed infantry (CRYX!!), and painting it is great as you avoid the monotony of painting unit after unit after unit.

The basics down (easy, weren't they?), let's take a look at each unit and it's purpose in the army:

Morghoul- Being the ringleader of this whole show he goes nicely with the Paingivers, able to help in the Fury management along with them. Doesn't hurt that he also has the most Warbeast Points available.

Basalisk Drake- We have precious few ways of dealing with massed infantry with this list, aside from the basic Trample! and sneaky maneuvers, so a nice POW Spray template goes a long way in helping us assist with that. Can't really say much else here, that's his sole purpose existing in life! Use him as he should and he will quickly become a high priority target for your opponent, which means it's nice that you have...

Basalisk Krea- On her own, and even paired with the Drake she's kinda "meh", but hey, she's cheap and easy to use (Don't you dare make that joke!- Bigred). If she has any real purpose here it's her animus, which, when played correctly, can really add the extra "oomphf!" in keeping your important players alive, such as Morghoul himself or the Basalisk Drake she will be accompanying. Added onto this she isn't that bad in melee... Nothing special, but nothing bad either. Again, the important thing to remember is that everything in this force has it's own unique role, whether it's a killer, buffer, or meatshield!

Cyclops Brute- I love this model. I really do. But aesthetics aside, what purpose does he have? Well for one he hit's like a truck in melee (well.. for a light beast anyway...), and that's good as in it's own, but really it's his ability to keep Morghoul alive with his shield-blocking powers that makes him great to me. Not one of the guys you want to rush forth, keep him back to prepare for counter-charges or dealing with any bugger who gets too far down your flanks.

Cyclops Savage- Basic damage dealer, nothing special here, just a means of hurting your opponent.

Cyclops Shaman- No one ever sees this guy coming. Basically you have his Evil Eye, which helps in the fight against those Concealed/Incorporeal threats. More so, given the sheer amount of animi in the army he should have a field day casting anything you need him to, should the original beast need that Fury or just not be close enough.

Razor Worm- An off choice, I will admit, and also one that may not come into play in all your games. Basically on his own he's a harassment model: striking out and killing something then running away to repeat it next turn. His true value comes in those games were you're playing a heavy blast marker army. His animus, which basically makes you immune to such things, is a great asset and when it comes into play it will be a game changer. Just remember he's small, he's fragile, and he shouldn't be seeing direct combat.

Molik Karn- He's Molik Karn, type that name and "broken" into Google or the Privateer Press forum and you'll have all the information you need on him.

Titan Gladiator- Arguably the best Heavy Warjack in the game the Gladiator is a fantastic addition to any Skorne army not only for his sheer hitting power and durability but his amazing Rush animus, which I'm sure you'll be tossing around left and right to get those unexpected charges off.

Rhinodon- As I mentioned above with the Basalisk Drake, if this army has one glaring flaw it's a lack of ability in dealing with troops; the Rhinodon helps that. Basically this guy is your infantry killer, he's got  Thresher, he's tough, and he tramples like nobody's business... Only flaw is he's just not up to par with a lot of other Heavy Warbeasts, so keep him to his role and don't try to turn him into a superbeast and bite off more than he can chew- he loves cheap, massed infantry, keep him at that.

And there you have it, dear readers, the Morghoul's Zoo list! I've been playing this list for some time and having a great time doing so. It's dynamic, it's unique, and you really have to think about each of your moves and options due to the fact that each creature in your roster serves it's own unique role and position upon the battlefield. Learn to utilize their strengths correctly and back each other up to cover their weaknesses and you'll have a truly terrifying force that can just crush your opponent!

~Any other all/mostly warbeast/warjack forces you can think of that works? Well all know Mortenebra loves her jacks, but let's think outside the box on this one. What can you come up with?

Skorne: Building Your Empire

So you've decided you're into these types of things, eh?

Mr. Black here dear readers and today we're going to talk about starting your own Skorne Empire. Yes, I know, it can look daunting with so many hulking and nasty looking warbeasts and truly some of the most visually stunning troops in the game, but today I'm going to give you a brief rundown of some of my top choices for initial purchases; i.e. the stuff that will really help you get a feel for the faction and raise a truly terrifying force from the ground up!

The Battlebox
I know your initial thought is to run out and grab up the Skorne Battlebox and build from there. After all, why wouldn't it be? It's called a starter for a reason! I'll admit, for just learning the basics it's not a bad purchase, though I personally question the need for a second Cyclops Savage. But I am a fair man so let's check out just what you're getting and how much it would cost separately:

-Titan Gladiator ($34.99)
-Cyclops Savage x2 ($18.99) (x2)
-Master Tormentor Morghoul ($10.99)
Cost: $83.96
Starter Box Price: $49.99

Huh... That's... Quite a bit of saving actually... And while I still really never use that second Cyclops Savage (and sometimes, barely use the first) it's basically free. Actually, it's like it's free and comes wrapped in a $10 bill... Right then. Never mind anything I say about the Battlebox not being a good deal. It is. Buy it.

Starting From the Ground Up
Ok so we've picked up the Battlebox, now what? Let's take a look at just what we've laid our hands on:

Titan Gladiator
The Gladiator is arguably one of the best warbeasts in the entire game, and certainly the most popular (aside from a certain Cyclops Chieftain we'll get to). Why is that? Well he's tough as nails, has an above-average Def for his size, has two Open Fists for throwing shenanigans, can Slam for free, and also comes stock with ones of the best animus' available to us, Rush. Honestly Rush by itself makes him a great buy. Why do I say that? Well being Skorne we have precious few ways to get around the haphazard that lots terrain can create - one of our biggest problems is actually getting to the enemy to smash their face in, and that is where Rush comes in, giving us not only a small movement boost but Pathfinder to boot. It's a life-saving ability on an already impressive warbeast, play him a few times and you too will understand why he makes it into almost every Skorne list out there!

Cyclops Savage
I will say this right out of the gate: Have fun getting these s.o.b.'s together. Sometimes it can be easy, other times it will be a living nightmare and you'll be certain they sent you warped parts just to mess with your head. Other than assembly though, how is the Cyclops Savage? Well, sadly, "mediocre" is the first word that comes to my mind. It's not that he's bad, it's just there is little he brings to the table compared to other warbeasts in our roster. Yes, his boost-after-the-face animus is alright, but usually you'd be better off with other abilities, and yes, he hits alright for a light warbeast, but again there are others that hit pretty much the same, if not better, and bring more to the table. So in the end, is he worth fielding? Sure. Don't get me wrong, I don't think he's terrible, and many lists I have created feature him, just don't get any delusions that he is better than he is- a cheap damage dealer you shouldn't be afraid to sacrifice.

Master Tormentor Morghoul
If you love warbeasts you'll love Morghoul. Simply put he makes your already deadly warbeasts even deadlier, thus making him a great choice in lower point games where you're more likely to be playing Mangled Metal/Tooth and Claw. Of his abilities the one you will probably end of using most is Abuse, which is a simple little buff to a warbeast in exchange for a paltry amount of damage, second would be his nifty little ability to pluck a Fury from a beast- nothing outstanding, but lots of nice little buffs. Combine this with a Feat that basically shuts down your opponent's core battlegroup for a turn  and you have the makings of a personal favorite as far as Skorne Warlocks go. Be warned, however, if you intent to be troop heavy there are much better choices than the Master Tormentor, who personally enjoys the company of Warbeasts much more than Troop choices.

Building Up
Alright then, so what do we add to this little group to bolster it further? Glad I asked! Let's take a look at some choice units:

Paingiver Beast Handlers
I cannot stress enough how good this unit is, and I firmly believe that most every Skorne army has no excuse to not include at least one unit of these guys. At two points for a unit of four you're getting the ability to A. Heal your warbeasts B. Give a warbeast +2 STR and a free Charge/Slam/Trample or C. remove any number of fury from a friendly warbeast. All that for two points, to put a cherry on top they also have Anatomical Precision, so just in case an enemy unit wanders too close they can move up and deal with them. I mean honestly what more can you ask from a two-point unit?! For even more effect combine the +2 STR with Morghoul's Abuse ability to truly create some scary damage rolls! I will reiterate what I said before just once more: you have no excuse not owning at least one unit of these models!

Basilisk Drake/Krea
This one can be seen as a matter of preference, but I honestly like the little lizard combo that Privateer Press gave us in these two. First let me mention that the Drake has one of the most powerful Spray Attacks in the game, and it's Magical to boot, thus allowing you to plaster those pesky Incorporeal models that may get in your way. Also worth noting it the Drake is a measly four points, well worth it for the attack alone, yet in addition he also has a useful animus, allowing a model in combat to kill whatever it's fighting then retreat to a safer distance, potentially preventing a counter-charge. Next we have the Krea who honestly looks terrible on paper. So why do I recommend her? Well while the Drake excels at range the enemy will usually try to rush him to avoid getting hit by his Gaze, and unfortunately the little Drake just can't hold his own against... well most anything... Enter the Krea, bringing to the fight +2 MAT and an extra die of damage to anything near the Drake, meaning her tiny P+S 12 is suddenly a bit more beefy with upwards of 4d6 backing it. Consider some of the damage boosting abilities the Skorne possess and you can see how this may cause a problem for the opponent!

Aptimus Marketh
For the Cryx players out there: He's a Skarlock Thrall. For everyone else out there: You probably know what a Skarlock Thrall is. If you really don't then the basic jist is this: He can cast one of your warlock's spells for free. Not viable in every list but you'd be hard pressed to find someone who can deny the utility benefit of having a three fury or lower spell being cast for free each turn. If you find yourself playing a warlock with lots of decent spells and are having trouble keeping all that lovely Fury to cast them then consider Marketh a try. He's a bargain at three points and can potentially increase your sphere of influence across the tabletop.

A nice high MAT unit, Fearless, has Tough, decent Strength and Reach, top all that off with Berserk... Oh, wait, top all that off with Berserk... Well it's a mixed blessing! Basically Berserk allows them to keep making attacks as long as they keep killing models, the drawback being is that it doesn't differentiate between friend or foe- you run out of enemies to kill? Guess your friend to the left looks good enough, and once he's dead your buddy to the right would make a fine next target, and so forth. In the end though this is something you can get around with careful unit placement, so just look out for that and you should be good to go. Otherwise the Nihilators are a personal favorite of mine as far as Skorne troopers go; they're nice and cheap and will seriously mess up anything they run into- just be warned, however, their defense is basically non-existent outside of a one-in-three Tough roll, so just focus on getting them to the enemy as quickly as possible before they get shot to death/trampled over/have a light rain kill them.

Molik Karn
74 Pages Using the Keywords "Molik Karn" and "Broken"

Molik Karn is good, we all know this, and if you don't most any quick search on any Hordes Forum will show this. Do I think he's broken? No, not especially. Is he very good? You bet your ass he is. Do I feel a lot of Skorne players use him as a crutch? Yes, unfortunately. For an army that has so many possibilities I feel too many players put him on the table and just focus around getting him to the enemies ranks, ignoring the rest of their army. Again, he is a fantastic choice, definitely one of the best in the entire game, but don't come to rely on him. Doing so only invites in failure.

Bronzeback Titan
The Bronzeback may not be the best recommendation for "newer" Skorne players, as he actually does require a bit of tactics to use. Basically when looking at him he's a ramped up Gladiator Titan with some extra abilities thrown in, but don't be fooled into thinking he functions the same as the aforementioned Gladiator, oh no, abilities like Counter Charge, Hyper Aggressive, and Train Wreck make the tactical possibilities the Bronzeback present almost limitless... Well, ok, most of that "limitless" comes from varying forms of "HULK SMASH!", but it will take some getting used to. Again, one of the best warbeasts in the entire game (Skorne just loves the best, doesn't it?), but this guy will take some thinking to use. As I said, there are better "beginner" choices out there for units/warbeasts, but eventually you will want to pick this guy up, if even just to yell "HULK SMASH!" just once.

~And there you have it, dear readers, just some of my insight into what I believe are great base-units to begin building your very own Skorne Empire off of... Well, those units and slaves... Lots and lots of slaves... What are some of your favorite units in the Skorne army?

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Rift is a Hell of a Drug

So... Perhaps people have been wondering where I've been... Probably not... But basically the last three weeks have been absorbed by playing Rift.

If anyone else plays this, or is considering picking it up, hit me up on the Sunrest server, Defiant side, my character names are Hexeris and Daimortus.


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Commission: Khorn Terminator Lord

Just a small project completed today, a Khornate Terminator Lord. Had a friend take the pictures just to get something quick up, so pardon the quality.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dark Eldar Beginnings: Wyches and Hellions

Bad pictures taken at work, but some things are done none-the-less.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

I Want YOU To Be My Newest Wrack.

Your Face Up There!!

Kiddos, I've decided I want to make some Wracks, and the good news is this: I have completed every little detail of them, save one, the Heads!!

Now, for this specific project I'm outreaching to the community, I need your help guys, as I can't do this alone! Basically I've got all my Wrack prototypes all neat and finished, but I've found one bit is is out of my reach in the quantity that I need, and that is any and all fully masked Dark Eldar heads, such as the ones from Reaver Jetbikes and the two that come in the assorted Wych boxes.

It is in that regard I am looking to you, readers, for assistance. If you have any of these heads extra I'd love to have them, and to show my personal regards I will name the model your head is placed on after you! That's right, it's your very own chance to have a place near and dear to your beloved Mr. Black! As my faithful mindless servant!

I'm willing to pay shipping here and even a small convenience fee if you should ask it, and this is a project I'd love to see come true! So help a guy out will ya? GIMME YER HEADS!!