Monday, July 26, 2010

How to Make a Inexpensive Light Box

Found this great tutorial on how to make a light box, perfect for any photography (but we all know it's for miniatures).

Will be making one this weekend for use with the blog... Which is actually a reason I have been so inactive lately, my standard camera died and I have yet to find a suitable replacement. In the meantime all I've had is my Smartphone's camera which, while nice, has no flash, thus I can never get the right amount of detail. But the camera and lighting situation will soon be fixed, and it's another project to look forward to.

Anyway, here is a direct link to the tutorial for making your own light box for around $15.00


  1. That looks like one I might have to give a try soon. I've seen a few of these tuts floating around the net, but this one seems the easiest, or at least best explained.

  2. I just finished up my light box last night - it works great! Took less than 2 hours total cutting up the box and gluing & taping it together. If you wanna check out the results: