Saturday, June 9, 2012

Samurai Ogres- Backstory

Clan Kouta Takeshi (Big Warriors) has returned from the Far Easts of Nippon, and with it they have brought many new weapons and strange techniques! It is unknown what this wandering tribe's name was before it journeyed into the far reaches of the east, but upon returning it has been discovered their former leader had been replaced, supposedly beaten and devoured by a mysterious wandering ogre. It was said on that fateful day the blind wanderer "Zaito Ichy" entered the clan encampment, carrying with him a composure and silence unlike that of any of the others who had came to the east in search of treasure. He moved amongst them, seemingly seeking one specific purpose alone- challenging the current Tyrant Brangus Gutstomper in the Fighting Pit. The entire tribe gathered round for what they assumed to be a quick, but no less violent and enjoyable, curb-stomping, for they saw that the challenger had one key disadvantage that even an ogre could notice: he was blind.

They would not laugh for long though as it took the strange newcomer all of one blow to behead the former Tyrant, claiming his spot and dispatching any new contenders in similar fashion. It has since-forth been that the clan, now adopting the new name Zaito Itchy has bestowed upon them of "Kouta Takeshi" (much to the chagrin of some tribe members, who cannot pronounce it to save their lives) has marched forth into the deepest parts of Nippon, finding great wealth and new treasures to horde. Over time, it appears that more and more of the clan's warriors have adopted garb and weapons favored by their new home-land, and upon returning to the Ogre Kingdoms proper now stand out amongst their own kind, carrying with them a sense of regal presence betraying their crude, brutish nature.

For better or worse, Clan Kouta Takeshi is now on the warmarch; the clan now seeks new riches and flavors worthy of a clan that has, at it's not notable, felled one of the famous Nippon "Sky Lizards" and feasted on its flesh, noting that it "Taste's jus' like Rhinox!".

Zaito Ichy, the Flea-Infested
Not much is known about the blind-swordsogre known as Zaito Ichy, having mysteriously appeared one day and taken firm hold of the clan he has now named "Kouta Takeshi". It is known, however, that he himself hates the moniker he has come to be known by: The Flea-Infested. Truth be told, there isn't a flea on him, as Zaito Itchy prides himself on only wearing the best robes and equipment that his clan has access to. It was said that during his initial entrance he only spoke one sentence, and that was a challenge to the current Tyrant Brangus Gutstomper, remaining silent during the long tirade of sneers and mocking insults that the former Tyrant spat at him before their duel.

Once he had proven his superiority he merely spoke one more sentence: "My name is Zaito Ichy, I am your new Master."- A move he thought would show to his new tribe his uncanny intelligence and stoic ways... They promptly responded by asking him why he was so itchy, and from then on began calling him "Zaito the Itchy", obviously assuming that he was so itchy because, having traveled alone for so long, had obviously contracted a nest of fleas in the dress he was wearing. Fortunately for Zaito Ichy, he eventually got his new clan to stop calling him "Zaito the Itchy". Unfortunately for him, the title of "The Flea Infested" has stuck, not only within his own clan but through the others as well. Still he carries on though, deciding that names weren't so important after all. He leads Clan Kouta Takeshi with a ruthless efficiency, claiming great deeds in combat and martial prowess, leading them to even greater acts of glory and wealth. His most discerning trait, however, that of his blindness, is a frequent question amongst his clan, one, when asked, he merely smirks and asks any who think less of him for it to step forth into the Fighting Pit...

Onikaji, the Fire Demon
The Firebellies hold a unique place in Ogre Society, and even more unique are the small group of Nippon Firebellies that have seemingly cropped up in the wake of Clan Kouta Takeshi's return; Onikaji is one such Firebelly. Having joined up with Zaito Ichy's clan during their adventures in the Far East Onikaji is a bit of a legend amongst his clan. It is said that his appearance was heralded by a great fire in the sky, so bright that it awoke nearly the entire encampment the night it began- the next dawn Onikaji appeared, sitting quietly in the entire of the clan's Fighting Pit. At first the ogres kept their distance, not knowing what to make of the strange red being in front of them, but eventually one of the biggest Bulls stepped forth, demanding that the "thing" "git outta' our' Pit!", it was then the red beast rose to it's feet, beckoning the Bull forth to fight him, a low snicker emitting from its mouth- of course he accepted- and was almost instantaneously cut down as the red demon launched itself back, billowing out a huge cloud of fire that enveloped the bull, sending him (disgracefully) running out of the pit... Consequently he also died of his wounds.

Many more stepped up, but through a combination of fire-breathing, wild leaps, and artful dodges the newcomer felled them all, snickering and laughing insanely the entire time. It was only upon the arrival of the clan's leader, Zaito Ichy, that the beast's insane laughter ceased- it took one look upon the blind warrior and fell silent, walking submissively up to the massive Tyrant and bowing, stating its name was "Onikaji of the Fire Mouth", and that he now pledged alliance to the great swordsman.

So it has been since that the red-skinned demon has fought with the Ogre Clan, using his magics and talents to aid them in their fights. They consider him strange, however, not for his red-skin or yellow eyes, but in the fact he does not partake in their grand feasts, nor does he ask for spoils of war. It seems that for this insane and giggling beast the simple thrill of the fight is both pleasure and nurishment enough to sate its eerie existence.

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  1. Seems like quality writing, but a bit OTT.
    Pumping up your own characters too much can be detrimental to the overall vision, IMO.