Sunday, November 21, 2010

More Angels Sanguine

Our clawless Terminator friend had an unfortunate accident when I let someone with two-left-hands try to pic him up...Sigh... More to be fixed...


  1. I want to see more of this army. I love Angels Sanguine!

  2. on earth did they manage to break *all* the claws off?!?

    Gorgeous figs.

  3. I'm pretty sure it was banged against something... To be honest only 3 of the claws were broken completely, the other two were just at 80 degree angles...

  4. I love your green blades and claws. Nice glimmering affect on the sword too. How did you manage to achieve that ?!

    Great pics, keep on sharing,

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  5. I thought that the declawed terminator was intentional - it looks like his claws are blades of pure energy (like light sabres) and that he is in the process of powering them up - I thought it made him look quite menacing in a Wolverine style - "snikt"