Monday, May 24, 2010

Sob/Grey Knights For Sale

As I mentioned on my BoLS postings, I'm cutting down my armies.

That being said, I'm posting this to see if anyone is interested in buying my stuff before it hits the floors of ebay.

I have the following:

The Grey Knight army seem in my blogs before, which include the following:

-Seven terminators
-Brother Captain Stern
-Some thirty Grey Knights, about half custom built
-One Land Raider
-Two Land Raider Crusaders
-Foam army boxes for all the above-And yes, everything is painted and on Micro Art Studio Bases.

More pictures upon request.


I also have a full Sisters of Battle army, unpainted unfortunately.

This army is special to me, but alas, it must go.

-2x Cannoness, one painted, both with Micro Art Steampunk Wings
-Saint Celestein, no Iron Halo
-Four full Sob Squads, including enough Flamers/Heavy Flamers for all of them. Unsure of how many meltas I have but last check it was around five or so.
-Fifteen/Sixteen (must double check) Seripham
-Two Complete Exorcists
-One Exorcist Kit (no rhino chassy)
-Four Immmolator/Rhinos (Rhinos jazzed up with the Immolator bits. May have the turrents around somewhere)
-Small GW miniature case for the infantry models

Either lot can be yours for $500, offers negotiable.

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