Monday, May 10, 2010

Stripping Minis, Part 2

A bit of a delay here, but here is part two.

Ok, so this was one a mere day after my last post. I know I mentioned last time about letting the models soak for a week or so, but in my individual case the models were simply covered in a loose coat of bad primer. I checked on them after a thirty-hour soak and believed them ready for work.

First, here are the tools and the workspace. High tech I know. The sponges are there to simply block the hole in the sink, should any parts go flying off.

We have a firm bristled toothbrush, the harder the better, hot (steaming) tapwater to better remove any trouble bits, and my own unprotected hands.

...Upon note, best to use some kind of gloves for this, as the Purple Power, like most cleaners, will dry your skin out and that is quite an unpleasant and lingering feeling.

Here is one of the Termagants freshly pulled from our Purple Power solution, it doesn't look any better but upon close inspection we can see some of the primer has indeed began to fall off.

Basically I took the brush, gave it a firm scrubbing. Scrubbing itself, unless you're overly hard, should not require much force to remove the paint, if you find you need to use excessive force, to the point you are worried the model will break, then you need to let them soak for some more time.

Also to note: Sometimes not all the primer will come off, usually in the case of Black GW. Some people put the models back in, letting them soak... I myself just ignore this and merely re-prime them, as the layer is pretty distinguishable from the rest.

Here is a shot before a final wash but after scrubbing, which I usually do while under the water stream:

Unfortunately I realized I didnt take a picture of the final product... But it's clean, ha ha...

Now all you have to do is repeat the process until you're done..

Over... And Over... And Over... And Over...


... ... ...

... ... ... ...DAMNIT!!


  1. Tha Purple Powah!!! I've been using this stuff for a year now, and it has not failed once to clean a model. I've tried the (un)concentrated Simple Green, and this works better in my opinion, AND its a helluv a lot cheaper...for more.

    Oh and don't make the mistake I did, and leave a penny in the soak bucket...

  2. I feel your pain- I had this accident happen to my Deathwing army last year. Sorrily, there is no supplier for Simple Green, Purple Power or similar brands.
    A hint on the primer though. Most likely the primer was dry before hitting the models. Maybe due to hot temperatures, or just a too big ofa distance when priming.